Why We Do What We Do
(Our Business Philosophy)

We believe trading results are achieved in direct proportion to the extent one exploits the capabilities of their resources—trading software being a resource.

We believe the value of a trading software application rests in its ability to help traders make their best trading decisions.

We believe success for most traders results from multiple elements working together, including their software.

We believe the activity of trading is a craft, and that software is a primary tool of the craft.

We believe that a trader's proficiency with their software relates directly to the trading results they can achieve.

We believe the best software helps traders:

See more than others when looking at the same thing.

Synthesize disparate pieces of information.

Discern what’s relevant and important to present tense decisions.

‘Raise the bar’ on their performance.

Personalize displays to enhance interpretation skills.

Gain proficiency when used in different situations.

WindoTrader’s mission is to...

Develop world class, Market Profile-based, Volume Analytics-driven trading software for traders.

Help subscribers gain proficiency personalizing WindoTrader so they can make confident, higher-probability trading decisions.

Co-develop and nurture win-win, meaningful relationships with subscribers that help them achieve their trading objectives.


Terry Liberman


In 1990, after 23 years of working with some of the greatest entrepreneurs and business owners a business consultant could ever imagine, I retired so I could experience something new.

In 1993, after developing several real estate projects, I started trading futures, full-time, believing all I had to do was apply myself like I had done before and I would achieve success in a short period of time. Long story short, it didn’t happen that way. In fact, after four years of self-study, training courses, mentors, and trading, I decided to quit based on my dismal results.

As things sometimes happen, in the process of winding down, I discovered the Market Profile. The more I studied and understood its principles, my understanding of the market increased exponentially. I began to understand why and how the market did what it did. The result - I gained proficiency interpreting market activity and making better trading decisions.

Bottom line, the Market Profile gave me a solid edge in my trading and was a primary factor in reversing my failures to achieve the success I sought.

In 2001, after roughly three years of trying almost every software application on the market and doing real-time profiles by hand, I purchased WindoTrader, a small Chicago trading software company. Why? It had a unique way of displaying data that I believed, if expanded and enhanced, would provide me with what I wanted to see. Plus, I felt confident I could find a developer to help me to do so.

While it took considerably more time than I expected, in 2003 WindoTrader 1.0 became a reality, offering a solid edge for traders already knowledgeable and experienced with the Market Profile. Version 1.0 helped traders increase their ability to synthesize and interpret market-generated information and make higher probability trading decisions—their way.

From 2005 to 2010, Jim Dalton and I partnered and delivered Market Profile-based courses for traders transitioning from the trading floor to the trading screen. During that five-year period I gained a deeper understanding of traders, from the highly successful to those that struggled. This taught me about the best ways they learned and used technology.

With this new understanding, my developer, Eric, and I envisioned the next version of WindoTrader. With Eric’s unique ability to translate concept into code, he designed and developed it. WindoTraderBLUE helped my business clients take more control of their operations and make better trading decisions.

In 2013 I launched ExceptionalTrader o focus on the life skills that could help traders achieve their trading goals.


Eric Cassidy

Lead Developer and Tech Division Manager

“I developed WindoTrader and continually improve our technology-driven support tools to help subscribers reach their trading goals.”

Starting with my first exposure to computers at age 8, I still enjoy the challenge of creating unique ways to use technology to accomplish tasks and achieve results.

In 2002, while working as the lead developer for a software design and development firm, I met Terry Liberman and learned what he wanted in a trading software application. While I had no experience at that time in trading and investment analysis applications, he said I was the first person he talked to who conceptually understood what he wanted.

Over the course of a few weeks reviewing his ideas and asking for mine, we agreed to work together and create an application for his personal use as a trader.

It took us about 18 months to develop a completely new application of the original software Terry had purchased. The result? The new version of WindoTrader worked as he wanted. Over the next couple of years while Terry was using it, we continued to expand WindoTrader's functionality, and other traders began to ask if they could purchase it.

As a result we decided to make a user-friendly version of WindoTrader for traders, different than Terry's that focused only on functionality. Back to the development desk with the outcome of a user-friendly front-end that provided full control over the configuration of objects displayed on the screen.

Over my14 years as the WindoTrader developer, I continue to produce and refine iterations and complete re-writes of the software.


Maril Lee

Client Relationship and Administrative Manager

“From the first moment of each subscriber’s initial contact with us, I am here to support them. My support includes everything from schedule coordination to monitoring their progress based on pre-determined milestones.”

Maril is the managing partner of WindoTrader with her primary responsibility being the management of the day-to-day operations and coordinating team member support of our subscribers.

Her unique knowledge and experience, active participation in the markets as a trader trading her own portfolio in Futures and Options, and as a former owner/operator of two successful small businesses, contributes greatly to the overseeing of WindoTrader’s business operation as well as subscriber support.