WindoTrader: A True Edge

Traders who strive to generate consistent, positive, non-correlated returns with minimum exposure:

  • Identify what is relevant by seeing what others don’t see.
  • Discern what is important by seeing beyond the obvious.
  • Make confident, informed, higher-probability decisions.

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WindoTrader FAQ

The answers you need!

"There is no substitute for WindoTrader for anyone using market profile. As a full-time equities trader, I was always looking for a software platform that displays market profile and would present the data as I want to see it on the screen. I was first exposed to market profile in 1997 when I found Jim Dalton's book "Mind Over Markets." I knew then that this was the only way to "corral" the apparent randomness of the market. I have seen many attempts, but until I found WindoTrader, could never find a true display with everything that the Market Profile offers, and the ability to create my chart to show exactly what I want to see. WindoTrader gives me market profile data in any format I can imagine and what works for my trading time frame, trading technique and trading culture. As long as I have been exposed to market profile, WindoTrader has made it so much easier for me to interpret and every day it helps me make good trading decisions. In addition, WindoTrader not only provides great software, they also support the most important component of a successful trader -- the ability for us as traders to identify who we are and how we react to various trading scenarios. The cost of the software for me is immaterial. The combination of the software with the bonus of trader mentality training priceless!"

— Gerry K (Texas) - Trader since 1995.