"I depend upon WindoTraderBLUE's versatility in displaying volume for my short-term trading.  The display enables me to track total volume on the far left and volume for the current 30 minute on the near left.  Unlike most platforms, BLUE easily allows me to view actual contracts versus volume represented by a histogram.  Using actual volume figures allows me to more easily compare one day to another, as well as the current time of day versus an earlier period in the day;  this allows me to better sense when change is occurring.  Additionally, it allows me to better discern where and when larger buying and selling levels are developing.  Traders can add the histogram, but this is my preference.  Their volume features are unparalleled in the industry. The visual display of BLUE is, in my opinion, by far the best in the business.  Clean, easy to read, with multiple display settings to adjust for the user."

- Jim Dalton, (JDalton Trading) - Trading 40+ years


"Market Profile is a serious trader's best-kept secret -- and you have the tool to utilize it best. BLUE just continues to blow me away. Like a genie in a bottle "your wish is my command" -- there is nothing she won't do! (no sexual innuendo intended). When I first subscribed, I thought I was getting a state of the art software program. Little did I know that I was joining a family of like-minded traders that have created a culture that is absolutely contagious. While I personally have only scratched the surface of the resources available, what I have found is I am plugged into decades of shared life experiences, I have been exposed to concepts and practices such as "whole brain thinking", and "making decisions in my business and my personal life based on MY values". As a trader, you know how applicable life is to trading, so why not build all your strategies on the strongest foundation? I have found for the first time in my life I don't feel like I am on my own to figure everything out. As I continue to learn about Market Profile through education and experience, BLUE has allowed me to interpret the auction process and execute my trading strategies with great precision and confidence. I have a true edge over my competition. Just try to put a price tag on that....! WindoTraderBLUE is the hands down "King of the Jungle" when it comes to Market Profile software. I'm talking King Frickin Kong! Everything else pales in comparison."

-Paul P (Illinois) -Trading since 2004.


"There is no substitute for WindoTraderBLUE for anyone using the market profile as their primary input. As a full-time equities day trader, I was always looking for a software platform that displays market profile and would present the data as I want to see it on the screen. I was first exposed to market profile in 1997 when I found Jim Dalton's book "Mind Over Markets." I knew then that this was the only way to "corral" the apparent randomness of the market. I have seen many attempts, but until I found WindoTraderBLUE, could never find a true display with everything that the Market Profile offers, and the ability to create my chart to show exactly what I want to see. Any time frame, any part of what the marketplace data provides, whether price, TPO or volume. Basically, WindoTraderBLUE gives me market profile data in any format I can imagine and what works for my trading time frame, trading technique and trading culture. Market Profile is not an indicator. It takes time, desire, and a love of trading to fully understand. It must consume you first before you can "understand" the incredibly valuable information it provides. As long as I have been exposed to market profile, WindoTraderBLUE has made it so much easier for me to interpret and every day it helps me make good trading decisions. In addition, WindoTrader not only provides great software, they also support the most important component of a successful trader -- the ability for us as traders to identify who we are and how we react to various trading scenarios...our personal trading culture. I had not previously pursued this component of trading thinking it not that important. Terry has shown me through his webinars and videos how important the "me" in trading is. The cost of the software for me is immaterial. The combination of the software with the bonus of trader mentality training ....is priceless!"

-Gerry K (Texas) - Trader since 1995.


"I first learned of WindoTrader while reading a book on Market Profile. After browsing your website, I was impressed with the openness and honesty in the information that was being provided about your company and your software. It didn't take me long to decide to do business with you. And I am glad I did. As a former software developer, I am impressed with the functionality of WindoTraderBLUE, and how it presents market data in a very unique and informative way. Being a trader for the last 6 plus years, I'm constantly looking to gain knowledge of the financial markets. And I must say that over the few short months I've been involved with WindoTraderBLUE and the Market Profile, I've learned more about price action and how the auction process unfolds than with any other technical course, software product or company I've been involved with prior. It really gives me an in-depth view of how the market works. So, you can definitely count me in as an avid WindoTraderBLUE user and fan."

-Mark S (Illinois) - Trading since 2005.


"As a cranky New Yorker, I don't often give compliments. However, I have to say that the people at WindoTrader have taken Market Profile charting to a whole new level with their new WindoTraderBLUE software. As an investor/trader for over 20 years, I've studied and used almost every method of technical analysis there is. I've also sampled most software available for trading the Market Profile. My preference for Market Profile lies in its visual approach to showing markets and market movement. And this is just what "BLUE" does brilliantly, using color, shape and inventive ideas to emphasize and reveal the most important aspects of the Market Profile that, as a trader, you need to be seeing. (With a mind-boggling number of chart permutations YOU can use it to look at the market YOUR way.) If you trade ANY markets using the Market Profile, "BLUE" will give you a clearer, crisper, vision and understanding of that market. It will show you and allow you to "see" more of the important data you need to be observing. Then the "BLUE" team of Terry, Marilyn, Doug and Eric back it all up with webinars and one-on-one service not found anywhere else. Of course, there are kinks that still need to be worked out and like any new software there is a learning curve. But your patience and learning will be well rewarded, in my opinion. One of my beloved NY Yankees, Yogi Berra once said: "You can observe a lot by just watching." Thank you Terry and team for helping us "observe" a whole lot more of the Market Profile through your development of WindoTraderBLUE. Just call me a fan."

-Steve B (New York) - Trading since 1993.


"During my learning process for becoming a trader, I discovered that I needed to find out what the market was doing inside those bars of a bar chart. I eventually found Market Profile and a new world of market information was at my fingertips. My next job was to find a MP trading platform. I tried many software programs that professed to offer a usable MP platform. None of them really satisfied my need for market knowledge in a format that suited my eye and thinking process. I saw WindoTraderBLUE in various webinars in which the presenter was a user of the program. My first attraction to WindoTraderBLUE was that it was easy on my eyes. And once I got used to the program, I learned that the program was also easy to use. I watched the tutorials and was ready to go! My trading screen is still evolving as I learn what information I require to see successful trades. This process is augmented by weekly webinars with one or all of your creative team. I am able to chat with team members and other users about how I see the market information, usually learning more about the unlimited potential of BLUE. Terry, I really appreciate your webinars about the many important parts of trading other than the price at that moment. You share with us so much of the knowledge you have gained during your years of learning to trade and then becoming good at it. I am a WindoTraderBLUE Charter subscriber, and I could not be happier or more proud to be associated with so many kind and caring fellow traders."

-Karl S (Illinois) - Trading since 2003.


"More and more women are becoming interested in trading and trading technology. I am one of them and my experience with WindoTraderBLUE has been beyond positive -- what it offers is amazingly comprehensive, versatile AND visually exciting and fun to manipulate. I am a professional artist, so the opportunity to display market information with unlimited incorporation of color and design is stimulating and creative. Plain white and black bar charts will never be the same! Using all the available color options in setting up and customizing my screens enhances my interpretation of what is unfolding throughout the day in the market and becomes an almost intuitive way to record information. Just as we all instinctively intuit green to mean "up, good, go" and red to mean "down, bad, don't go" I am finding many other ways to internalize market information by color. Some are obvious such as background colors for various market screens, i.e., black for crude, green for bonds or dollar, red for Apple, etc. In setting up my key decision levels each day, I follow a color code I have now internalized -- setting my level colors white for the open, overnight hi and lo's blue, POC's green, previous day open and close orange, etc. I save red for intermediate/long-term bracket levels or special alerts like 1300 and those numbers the market likes, etc. This helps me to assess at a glance the weight or importance of the next indicated level the market is aiming for or rejecting. On a more subtle level, in my daily set-up I include 30 minute candles as well as 15 minute candles. In order not to get bogged down in the 15 minute candles and lose the bigger picture of what the 30 minutes are doing, I leave the 30 minute candles set large and fat with the bright green and red of default setting. I then set my 15 minute candles much narrower in body and tails and mute their reds and greens to a duller value. This keeps the 30 minutes jumping out at me and orders my concentration. That is just a small example of the infinite possibilities for customization in this amazing software. The WindoTrader team, you are doing a terrific job of continuing to make a great product even better. I would no longer be interested in trading without it, as I would feel drastically ill-equipped."

-Carolyn M (Washington) - Trading / Investing since 2002.


"I have used WindoTrader for several years and it has definitely helped my growth as a trader. I like that I can organize data the way I want to see it, to be able to look at volume in different ways. To put on different time frames and isolate different times of the day is important to me. While there are many "bells and whistles" in the program, the strength of WindoTrader is its ability to simplify my screen. I am able to organize price, time and volume data in a highly manageable fashion. I use a lot of information and WindoTrader makes it easier to read and comprehend. As Leonardo da Vinci said "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." WindoTrader also has a great community. Through many webinars I have learned from other traders and shared my own experiences with the software. The trader-to-trader interaction is a powerful resource that I don't think exists anywhere else."

-Peter N (New Jersey) - Trading Floor 20 years / Full-time since 2006


"When I was looking for something to help me with my trading, I looked at forums to see what everyone else was doing to identify potential opportunities. I looked at a lot of stuff on line and otherwise, and decided that volume based applications made sense to me. My search process over 6-8 months funneled down to what interested me most. I joined some of the popular "rooms" and followed some of the leading Market Profile educators. But at this point, although they were valuable in my education, I felt they had become a "crutch." Just the simplicity of having so much information on one screen with WindoTraderBLUE is a huge advantage for me. It has great functionality and is really fun to use. I like the way I can hover and bring up properties, the way I can add levels and color them so easily, and the zooming and panning features.I feel independent in my trading process. Once I have my screen set up the way I want, I like to turn it on, put in my levels.....and trade. That is all I want as a trader is to be able to focus on the trading opportunity. BLUE is an amazing program, core of my trading."

-Jay W (Canada) - Trading since 1998



"Recently I had computer issues, and was unable to bring up WindoTraderBLUE.  I have to tell you, I have really grown to rely on my set-ups.  I forget how vulnerable I feel without BLUE -- I am quite addicted to it --in a good way!"

-Craig H (Wisconsin) - Trading since 2002


"Market Profile with BLUE is like watching the market in 3-D.  It adds a whole other dimension to my analysis.  WindoTrader gives me the tools to custom design the market profile charts in a manner that fits what I want to see, from the context down to detailed price and volume information.  This has helped take my trading to a new level.  The company's service, product training, and responsiveness to feedback is as much as I could ask for."

-Trader (Vancouver, B.C.) - Trading since 1993


"Market Profile with BLUE is like watching the market in 3-D.  It adds a whole other dimension to my analysis.  WindoTrader gives me the tools to custom design the market profile charts in a manner that fits what I want to see, from the context down to detailed price and volume information.  This has helped take my trading to a new level.  The company's service, product training, and responsiveness to feedback is as much as I could ask for."

-Trader (Vancouver, B.C.) - Trading since 1993


"I can't exactly remember where or when I first discovered Market Profile. However, like most aspiring traders, I was consistently looking for something to aid my trading and when I first saw a Market Profile schematic it made immediate sense to me. Some additional research led me to Jim Dalton which then led me to WindoTrader."

"To say its been a revelation is an understatement. Between the WindoTraderBLUE software and Jim Dalton's education, I've been able to not only maximize my natural abilities as a trader but have also developed a completely holistic view of trading that I never knew possible. I've learned to keep things simple and remain comfortable while trading. As a result, I not only see opportunities before they arise but am able to maintain a relaxed posture and act on them free from uncertainty, anxiety or fear."

"There are a lot of magic salesmen out there peddling the next great thing for traders. However, its nothing more than gimmicks wrapped up in a promise. With WindoTrader and Market Profile education, I'd like to be a positive agent of change within the trading education and advisory industry and offer my experiences, both successes and failures as a peer to other aspiring traders."

- Neri Lugo, Chicago